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Top young pitchers poised for breakout season, good time to invest?

In a recent article on, there are five young starters listed who could have a breakout season this year.

Investing in pitchers (especially young ones) are inherently risky in the card collecting business/hobby. But there is always upside too as their autographed rookie cards don’t tend to be as pricey as rookie prospects who don’t pitch.

Of the five, here are two with great prospect pedigrees and a year removed from the hype of their call up to the big leagues (that tends to inflate value at first), which can end up being great investments in the short (and potentially long) term.

1. Luke Weaver – 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft base autograph (BGS 9.5/10) – $89



2. Jameson Taillon – 2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor /500 autographed rookie card (BGS 9.5/10) – $75



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