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Look for potential bargains in eBay auctions now that baseball season is over

The Houston Astros have been crowned the World Series champions, officially ending the 2017 baseball season.

But while fans will have to wait until Spring Training for the excitement of watching baseball again, sports card collectors should keep an eye on auctions throughout the offseason where there are deals to be had.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.38.54 PMThe quiet offseason tends to bring less interest in baseball cards, which means theoretically less bidders are bidding up eBay auctions.

Sometimes an auction with a superstar player might very well receive less attention than it should. That’s where the big discounts are found and a potential profit can be turned if resold the next year during baseball season (of course, assuming the player continues to play well).

Here are some cards up for auction in this first week of off-season to keep an eye on. All the listed auctions below are sold by sellers with 100% rating. And keep coming back to the website where we will publish some more auctions with potential bargains.



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