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Pay for a ticket to see the Dodgers play in the World Series or a Cody Bellinger gold refractor baseball card?

With the Los Angeles Dodgers making it back into the World Series since 1988, ticket prices are already through the roof with an average selling price of $3,164.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 7.56.20 PM.pngSo if you had the money and you were both a collector and a Dodgers fan, would you try to buy a ticket to a World Series Game or this Cody Bellinger 2015 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor autograph baseball card (BGS Graded 9.5/10)?

It’s currently on auction with the bid at $2,275 as of Friday, Oct. 20 at 10:29 p.m. But if recent past sales are of any indication, it should go for around $3,000.

Future sales of Bellinger might even go higher if he can play a major part in the World Series.



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