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From stud to dud: top baseball prospects who didn’t live up to the hype

Here’s a great list of the top 50 busted prospects from Baseball Prospectus, which admittedly is a highly subjective exercise.

But it’s an entertaining read and a reminder to all those in the hobby who keep those prospect cards a little too long, hoping for a turnaround that inevitably never comes. For every Mike Trout¬†and Bryce Harper, there’s a Drew Henson and Jesus Montero.

Some of the names listed that personally give me nostalgic feelings include Domonic Brown (Philadelphia Phillies), Danny Ainge (Toronto Blue Jays), Kyle Drabek (Philadelphia Phillies), and Jesus Montero (New York Yankees).

Conspicuously absent though is Oakland Athletics pitcher Todd Van Poppel.

Anyway, stroll down memory lane and read the article in the link provided.



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