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Connor McDavid rookie cards goes up with his eight-year $100M contract

Edmonton Oilers’ captain Connor McDavid just signed one of the richest contracts in the NHL this week, which boosted his rookie card value even further.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.52.17 AMWith his contract worth $100 million over eight seasons, McDavid will be a franchise player for the Oilers for the foreseeable future.

Not surprisingly, his 2015-2016 SP Authentic rookie card (PSA Graded 10) serial numbered to 999 is on eBay for $2,000.

Just last month, it sold for just over $1,100.

While McDavid is a generational player, the dollar figure seems to be slightly inflated with arguably the best player in the NHL right now, Sidney Crosby’s SP Authentic card having sold recently for $1,700.

But it could end up being close if McDavid continues to perform at the high level he’s already shown for the length of his contract and beyond.



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