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Bad news for the hobby if true that Dak Prescott uses machine to autograph cards

Oh boy.

If the report is true from that Dallas Cowboys stud quarterback Dak Prescott used a machine to autograph his cards, that’s bad news for the hobby.

The value in autographed cards is of course that the player himself has signed each card (or sticker) given to him, making each card unique.

The bigger implication of having machines sign cards is many more “autographed” cards can be produced, which therefore would devalue each “signed” card.

Remember what happened to the cards of the ’80s and ’90s when they were mass produced? It’s nothing hobbyists or collectors would want to go through again.

Maybe, sports card manufacturers need to take a step back and limit the number of cards autographed in general. That might encourage superstar players to sign all of the cards assigned when there’s a finite number.

And it might not be such a bad thing for the hobby either when the demand is higher than the supply.



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