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Miami Marlins Giancarlo Stanton’s power is undeniable but how about his career longevity?

Everyone might be talking about New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge these days, but there was one player whose name not long ago was synonymous with raw homerun power.

Miami Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton’s career is far from over but he’s failed to play up to the high level of expectations set upon him.

While there are plenty of highlights like this one of Stanton hitting monster homeruns, he hasn’t been able to play consistently due to injuries – some of the freak accident variety (see below if you don’t get squeamish) .

Regardless, out of the past seven seasons, Stanton has played less than 125 games in five of those.

It’s hard to accumulate stats over one’s career that would add up to Hall of Fame worthy numbers without playing close to the full 162-game season.

He is still only 27 years old and can string some of those full seasons together to make up for lost time. But if the past is of any indication, there’s definitely some risk involved.

Currently, his 2008 Bowman Chrome base autographed rookie can be bought for $250 (BGS Graded 9.5/10). That might turn out to be a good deal if he can reach his potential with a little bit of luck for good health.

P.S. He went by Michael in his early playing days before being called Giancarlo, the name he prefers, in 2012. 



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