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Congrats to Albert Pujols on hitting 600th homerun

A big congrats to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim first baseman Albert Pujols for hitting his 600th homerun – and that he punctuated the grand occasion with a grand slam.

Pujols WEBHe becomes the ninth player in Major League Baseball history to do so and has a great chance of surpassing Sammy Sosa and Jim Thome who have 609 and 612, respectively.

What more is there to say about Pujols we haven’t brought up already.

Any additional career milestones will further cement his status as a future Hall of Famer. For those collectors who own the Holy Grail of modern day baseball cards, this will only increase its already high value.

See the historic homerun for yourself below.



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  1. Such a great talent, I still can’t believe that the Rays passed up on him thinking he wasn’t going to be the real deal. The guy had incredible power. He wizzed right by the minors to get to the majors and when he did, he put on a clinic every day. One of the best of all time when all is said and done and he retires.

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