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The return of the hyper competitive Josh Donaldson

What a peculiar season it’s been so far in 2017 particularly for the Toronto Blue Jays who contended for the American League (AL) championship title last year but now find themselves in the basement.

Part of that has to do with the injury bug hitting the team hard with Troy Tulowitzki on the DL and, of course, Josh Donaldson who has been a major reason for the success of the Canadian ball club.

screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-8-52-13-pmBut his return to game action is imminent and that could only help the Jays climb out from the bottom of the standings.

We’ve already discussed his card value and how there could be a path to the Hall of Fame if he continues his upward trajectory – barring any long-term injuries of course.

His hyper competitiveness might also serve the team well as noted in this great piece by Toronto Life magazine titled Josh Donaldson vs. The World.

For any Jays fan, his return to the roster will be a very welcome addition.




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