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Three of the greatest basketball players on one rookie card

Having one all-star and/or Hall of Fame rookie player on a multi-player card can still have major value. But what about having three stud players on one card with two of them being rookies?

When it comes to the 1980 Topps Basketball Scoring Leader card (PSA Graded 10 Gem Mint), which features Boston Celtics’ Larry Bird and Los Angeles Lakers’ Magic Johnson, that’s worth at least $50,000 with a week left until the auction ends.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 3.05.36 PMThe third player featured on the card isn’t too shabby himself who turns out to be none other than Julius “Dr. J” Erving.

Of course, basketball fans know the accomplishments of the two rookie players featured on the card: Bird is a former rookie of the year recipient, multi-all star, and multi-MVP winner with three championship titles to his name.

Equally impressive is Johnson’s five championship titles along with his multi-MVP campaign seasons.

According to PSA, this card is difficult to find centered and often contains black print defects. Thus finding a perfectly PSA graded card is worth the tens of thousands of dollars for some collectors.

Let’s see how high it goes when the auction ends next week.





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