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VIDEO: Autographing vintage rookie cards taboo?

This interesting video asks the question whether it’s taboo to autograph vintage rookie cards.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t given it much thought. But as a kid, I always assumed getting an autograph card in general would increase the value automatically.

Little did I know that it was once considered taboo by purists for vintage cards to be autographed although now I understand the reasons why.

But if the autograph could be verified, I don’t think it should be devalued in any way. I’m glad to see current trends indicating that signed vintage cards are now increasing in value.

Looking at modern cards, there seems to also be a financial bump on verified autographed cards although the question remains – how much higher should the card cost?

One thing I know for sure though – it makes sense for there to be a higher premium on the cards that are already autographed and certified by the brand companies (as indicated on the card itself) as there’s an assurance that the signature is legit.

What say you?



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