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The satisfaction of completing a sports card set

Back in the ol’ days, it was much easier to complete a set.

Today, there are so many subsets and refractor parallels and inserts, it’s almost impossible to complete a set on your own unless you have a lot of disposable income.

But back when I began collecting, the checklist that was issued was the only card you needed to keep track of the ones you had and the ones you still needed.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 2.35.24 PMThe satisfaction of completing a set was a great feeling. It took patience, and sure, money, but it wasn’t impossible.

My first set I finished was the 1992 Fleer baseball set. Looking at it now, the cards themselves weren’t the greatest looking cards. In fact, it was pretty plain.

But the nostalgia I still get when I see the entire set is worth every penny I spent including the common cards I had to dig through a big binder at the local bricks-and-mortar card store, which of course is non-existent today.

Maybe completing a set these days is sort of a lost art. But I’d recommend trying it to any new collector. Although one tip is to not try to collect the entire set but start with your favourite team or a subset that’s interesting to you.

It’s always good to start with achievable goals.



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