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Top 10 Bowman Chrome auto cards: Nolan Arenado (number 9)

9: Nolan Arenado 2010 Bowman Chrome Auto $375

Coming in at number 9 this year is the Colorado Rockies all-star third basemen Nolan Arenado (link above is the card on eBay).

Arenado is another young player whose stock is on the rise entering the 2017 season. The 25-year-old standout has led the National League in both HRs and RBIs the last two seasons, quickly becoming one of the premier power hitters in the majors.

Arenado_WebBut Arenado is more than just an empty slugger.

He has great contact skills and took steps forward last year in drawing almost twice as many walks compared to 2015 (68 vs 34) and cutting down strikeouts. But equally important to his hitting is his outstanding defense at the hot corner where he easily accumulated over 2 dWAR over the course of a full season.

What’s exciting about Arenado is that there is still more room for him to improve his game.

As we reported last month, Arenado’s home/road splits show that he has room to grow his production outside of Coors Field. While it’s expected for a Rockie to have lower numbers away from the Mile High City, Arenado is good enough to improve upon his .277/.340/.492 road line.

For this reason it looks like collectors are not shy to add Arenado’s 2010 Bowman Chrome auto to their collection, which keep the demand steady.

Since Arenado is only at #9, who could be worth more than a two-time homerun leader? Come back tomorrow as we continue our countdown.


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