Finding rare vintage sports cards by happenstance

I’ve always heard stories of those who peruse garage sales and happen to find these rare, valuable sports cards or artwork.

That’s why I go to a garage sale every now and then, but more often than not (okay, every single time), I strike out so to speak when it comes to finding something worth of huge financial value.

mantleI still like reading those stories of those rare finds, whether it’s at a yard sale or up in an attic where grandpa stored away his old card collection and forgot about it – until his grandson finds it one day decades later.

Yeah, it happened to this family as written in Forbes here. Give it a read. There’s a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle baseball card in the story!

Anyone else have their own story with the good fortune of finding a vintage card by happenstance?



2 thoughts on “Finding rare vintage sports cards by happenstance

  1. My father found a scrapbook at a tag sale that he wound up buying for $10 which had a 1930s Babe Ruth pin in the back, he wound up selling it for $350. That and an X-Men #94 find in a long box with a $300 profit are probably our best 2 to date. Nothing like the Black Swamp find though!

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