VIDEO: T206 Honus Wagner went for how much?

Will modern cards ever reach those insane figures?

As I’m researching more on the history of baseball cards, it’s no surprise the story of the T206 Honus Wagner keeps coming up.

After seeing this Fox News Business video from October of last year, it’s astounding to see what people (okay, rich people) are willing to pay for this particular piece of history.

The other three cards featured in the video are pretty impressive too in their own right. But it made me think how much the hobby has changed in regards to how the value of sports cards are determined.

We went over some of that in this article here, specifically referring to vintage cards where it’s about the scarcity of cards that are in relatively good condition. Contrast that to today where it’s all about the autograph and the number of serial-numbered refractors available.

One big question is whether those values of the serial-numbered autographed refractor cards will hold up despite the same design of the baseball card being readily available on non-autographed base cards? Thoughts?



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