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VIDEO: The rise and fall of baseball cards

This is a great short video by the Washington Post I just stumbled upon that poses the question a lot of collectors have probably already asked themselves.

Is the baseball card a big deal anymore?

It’s worth the four minutes or so to watch the video. Even if it’s just to see a glimpse of the beginning stages of the card production process where the photographer goes through the annual routine of having pictures taken of each ball player – like class photo day!

There are some light moments as the photographer explains that, “Some guys refuse to smile.”

Cough Jayson Werth Cough

But I sincerely hope despite the obvious decline of bricks and mortar stores due to technological advances making buying and selling cards easier online, that the hobby will see a resurgence in some shape or form.

To accomplish that, I’m convinced it needs to go beyond appealing to just collectors who are getting back into collecting for nostalgic reasons.

It’s also got to be more appealing than to those collecting to make a quick buck (if that’s possible) by landing a hit in one of the boxes/cases/group breaks. As the video indicates, the overproduction of cards to increase financial gains ultimately did the industry in. The same could be argued now if those in the hobby are just in it for the money.

The next generation of youth needs to somehow feel the excitement it generated for the generation before them when opening up a pack of cards. But maybe that’s being too idealistic.

What do you think?



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  1. I’ve worked for a few LCS over the years which are all now gone and each one can be traced back to a specific flaw in the business model. In this business you have to hustle hard and turn over inventory before it has a chance to sell under cost as well as have a strong online presence. Just because you have a physical store doesn’t mean that should be your only outlet to move inventory. Also: buy smart. That’s just good business no matter what the industry. Take a look at what the rbicru7 guys are doing as the example of what the modern hobby shop should be. Cards will remain a big deal to those they appeal to regardless of age, I’ve been in and out of the hobby a couple times in my life but I know I’ll always be back. I have a passion for this hobby and hope it continues to grow including these exclusive licenses going away so there can me competition-induced innovation to bring the next generation of collectors into the fold. Great topic!

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